Virtual In Service Teacher Assessment

Quality of education is a function of the quality of teachers and implementation of quality practices. We conduct online academic assessment of teachers for fundamental pedagogic knowledge and understanding of curriculum and assessment management. The service is available to schools through a tie-up for assessment and personalised online feedback. Individual performance reports would be provided with inputs on professional development advisory to the school and teacher for further support in learning and development. The assessment is scheduled over two sessions of one hour each, which is implemented online as and when the teacher is able to take the same within the timeframe allowed by the school, at the school.

Virtual Teacher Selection and Training

We offer remote online teacher eligibility assessments to assess teacher readiness in pedagogic fundamentals, curriculum design and resource creation initiatives. Feedback is provided in a short time with performance factors based on which the school may select or decide recruitment for teachers at various levels. The school may conduct a virtual interview through our online academy platform, if required to save time and travel.

Virtual Consulting Advisory for Schools

We offer consulting services for new school projects specifically with respect to custom curriculum design and implementation with integrated teacher professional orientation and training. This is carried out by engagement sessions at the school along with remote advisory and mentoring support to program coordinators and teachers to ensure close hand holding during design, planning and implementation. These initiatives may range from one to three years for best results and significant empowerment of the school and teachers. We also provide advisory on adoption of strategic educational technology and implementation services to help the school to stay focussed on their core areas of delivering education. Discuss your unique educational needs with us for more insights and options.

Virtual Mentoring Services for Schools, Teachers and Parents

Understanding and implementing new initiatives requires close collaboration of mentors with schools, teachers and parents who may require advisory help during their work for many crucial issues. To ensure that they are on the right track, additional mentoring sessions may be required to address these issues from remote on a video conference or virtual consulting session with audio, video, chat etc to get the best practices in place accurately and correctly the very fist time. Our elaborate experience in new initiatives in custom curriculum design and implementation across all boards provides the insight and knowhow to support teachers in the process, without affecting school working hours.

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