This is a practice oriented academic program for parents to help them provide meaningful learning support to the child. A unique program for academic awareness of parents to support children at primary/middle school levels under any board, leading to proficiency in:

  • Contemporary teaching learning practices and techniques in all subjects.
  • Deploying suitable learning approaches for your child, guided by mentors.
  • Effectively designing and managing assessments for learning.
  • Creating a strong conceptual focus and foundation for the child with expert advice.

Objectives of the STAR PARENT program

The program provides pedagogic inputs for orientation to contemporary approaches, learning skills, planning, learning resource creation and assessment methods to ensure effective home learning support to children in tandem with teaching inputs provided at school under any national, international and state board.

What you will learn

  • Understand the academic role and responsibility of a present day parent and techniques to be more effective in providing home learning support to the child.

  • What research tells us about how children think and behave and how you can apply this in your home learning support effort for the child’s cognitive and holistic development.

  • Designing instruction, activities and simple assessments around learning, at your convenience, to ensure the child’s current and future success.

STAR PARENT program modules

1. Introduction to the Curriculum

  • Introduction to the program
  • Understanding the curriculum
  • Types of curriculum approaches
  • Designing the curriculum
  • Planning for curriculum implementation
  • Assignments and Assessment

2. Successful implementation of teaching-learning techniques and Approaches in all subjects

  • Implementing the curriculum
  • Approach for smart teaching and learning practices
  • Assignments and Assessment

3. Measuring and managing progress through assessments

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Key concepts
  • Fundamentals of student assessment
  • Current trends and views on assessments
  • The assessment process
  • Assignments and Assessment

STAR PARENT Program Structure

Parents would move through following stages:

  • 1. Understanding the dynamic curriculum approach

  • 2. Familiarisation to contemporary learning approaches, styles and techniques

  • 3. Using smart practices in teaching and learning

  • 4. Using Active learning and Collaborative learning techniques

  • 5. Understanding and implementing assessments for learning

Leading to expertise in Smart Teaching and Learning Techniques .

Progam Details

  • Duration: 1 Year of online access to resources, at own convenience and pace.
  • Learning materials: Available online for 24x7 study and reference.
  • User Support: Assistance is provided collaboratively through remote personalised advisory sessions to implement recommendations for your child and subjects.
  • Assignments and Assessments: Conducted online at various stages in the program.
  • Remote Mentoring: Virtual online sessions are conducted to address queries and application.
  • Digital Certification: Certificate of Excellence in Learning Management.
  • Who should do the program: All parents with children at primary/middle school can register, either through the school or independently.

You can opt for remote subject mentoring services if required after the program.