This is a six months practice oriented self paced program for teachers with unique online collaborative services that focusses on:

  • Understand need for a dynamic curriculum and academic research.
  • Scope for creativity and innovation; particularly the creative transfer of knowledge.
  • Capacity to use contemporary technology for learning and development.
  • Managing assessments and continuous improvement.

Objectives of the DTL program

The program aims at teachers’ pedagogic and professional awareness to:

  • Examine and evaluate various types of curriculum models that best meet learning needs.

  • Establish core values guiding curriculum implementation to equip learners.

  • Design and draft program for subjects using the right perspectives and structure.

  • Create program and lesson plans for dynamic learning and teaching.

  • Understand effective teaching and learning practices.

  • Implement and administer a range of appropriate learner friendly assessments .

  • Appreciate the need for data analysis and to improve instruction and learning.

DTL program modules (Self Paced – 6 months)

1. Introduction to the Curriculum

  • Introduction to the program
  • Understanding the curriculum
  • Types of curriculum approaches
  • Designing the curriculum
  • Planning for curriculum implementation
  • Assignments and Assessment

2. Successful implementation of teaching-learning process, techniques and systems in the subject

  • Implementing the curriculum
  • Approach for professional practice of teaching and learning
  • Organising for implementation of a curriculum
  • Monitoring implementation of a curriculum
  • Assessing curriculum implementation standards
  • Teacher assessment framework
  • Assignments and Assessment

3. Measuring and managing progress through assessments, benchmarks and systems

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Key concepts
  • Fundamentals of student assessment
  • Current trends and views on assessments
  • The assessment process
  • Assignments and Assessment

4. Managing continuous improvement of self, learners and the teaching – learning process

  • Managing outcomes and standards
  • Using technology to implement assessments
  • Assignments and Assessment

DTL Program Structure

Teachers would move through following stages:

  • 1. Understanding dynamic teaching and learning approach

  • 2. Familiarisation to contemporary learning approaches, styles and techniques

  • 3. Using best practices in teaching and learning

  • 4. Using Active learning and Collaborative learning techniques

  • 5. Understanding and implementing assessments for learning

Leading to excellence Dynamic Teaching and Learning Techniques .

Progam Details

  • Duration: 6 months of online access to resources, at own convenience and pace.
  • Learning materials: Available online for 24x7 study and reference.
  • Assignments and Assessments: Conducted online at various stages in the program.
  • Remote Mentoring: Virtual online sessions are conducted to address individual queries.
  • Digital Certification: Certified Professional in Dynamic Teaching & Learning.
  • Who should do the program: Any graduate/post graduate/B.Ed/M.Ed with or without experience can register, either through the school or independently.

Teachers may be either sponsored by the school or may register independently.