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DynamiX is an outcome of three decades of experience in education services and over fifteen years of hands-on research in academic approaches, processes, practices and education quality. The DynamiX approach has been conceived, implemented and evolved by Gautam Patnaik, CEO of KQM Consultants. Bringing a diverse background and three decades of experience in industry and education he is a lead education quality consultant and founder of KQM and DynamiX range of services and programs. Our core team comprises of highly experienced and accomplished teachers, education and management professionals.

KQM is a leading knowledge and education quality management consulting firm at Bangalore, India. We offer consulting services to K12 schools and higher education institutions to implement a dynamic curriculum framework and education quality initiatives.

KQM presents its unique ‘DynamiX’ approach and process as a practice oriented online pedagogic program blended with virtual personalised mentoring, assessments and collaboration.

The online self paced programs are perfectly suited for school teachers, independent progressive teachers and committed parents, who are keen to adopt innovative and contemporary approaches to engage and empower children in a dynamic environment.

The focus is on benefits accruing to children at primary or middle school level under any board, through a holistic mix of knowledge, skills and attitude to ensure smart life long learning.

Schools, Teachers and Parents can do much more, beyond the routine and conventional provisions, through personalised inputs, customised learning and collaborative support from us. Teachers would benefit immensely from professional development efforts towards leadership and education excellence.

Experienced consultants and education experts back DynamiX to facilitate delivery of services and implement the entire range of programs to users across the world.

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To be the most preferred and contemporary provider of academic advisory, education process consulting, training and professional development services for education excellence, through innovative knowledge initiatives in strategic empowerment of schools, teacher leadership and pedagogic collaboration with parents.


  • To provide academic leadership services to schools under any board for implementation of academic process management frameworks.
  • To provide professional development program for teachers, using thoroughly tested and proven global best practices, leading to teacher leadership development.
  • To provide pedagogic orientation on educational best practices to parents at primary and middle school levels, under any board, and facilitate collaboration to help them provide meaningful learning support to their children during primary years.
  • To provide professional academic orientation to new and aspiring teachers, ensuring a steady supply of skilled teachers to the school sector across the country.
  • To provide academic services to schools using the best of remote collaborative teaching and learning technologies and platforms for all round institutional efficiencies and performance.
  • To engage schools, teachers and parents as a ‘whole school community’, working collaboratively towards excellence through education quality practices by providing training, professional development programs, assessment and accreditation advisory services.


Having experienced and understood rapid evolution of everything around us for three decades and researched the profound impact on life, living, professions, society, environment, sciences, technology, humanity and learning needs, we established a flexible and open approach that can help education evolve dynamically to meet all progressive learning needs.

We appreciate that children are exposed to an aggressively dynamic world, which is a constant, and they need to respond smartly to make their lives more meaningful, contextual, efficient, valuable, socially relevant and responsible. Present day learners seek rapid evolution for a better future, who as a progressive generation welcome new developments and have displayed immense faith in science and technology to augment this process of positive evolution.

In education therefore, there is a need to evolve faster, think ahead and adapt to flexible design and new models of curriculum, academic processes, educational practices, evaluate and deploy contextual approaches that address the educational ecosystem in a dynamic manner. An approach that helps in overcoming restrictions imposed by rigid limits of text books and gaps in dated syllabi/curriculum, to make the learning experience lively, engaging, cohesive, media optimised, holistic and ensure a rich endowment of requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The DynamiX approach of curriculum and assessment management is therefore the best answer to a quick and effective model to evolve education on a sustained basis, which can serve the posterity meaningfully.

The outcome was conception of the ‘DynamiX’ model and approach to academic process management, which has been successfully implemented at leading schools since 2001 and has benefitted thousands of teachers and parents with appreciable outcomes till date.


Dynamix is an integrated education approach and model that empowers schools to adopt innovative and globally benchmarked best practices in ‘Academic Process Management’ to evolve education dynamically on a sustained basis and ensure that learners’ needs are duly addressed in the course of achieving excellence. The framework is as under:

Dynamic and customised curriculum

The approach trains and facilitates creation of a custom and holistic curriculum that goes far beyond the rigid limits of unimaginative text books. It provides a judicious outcome and orientation through strategic learning inputs for schools, aligned to any board. Starting with the pre-primary and primary levels first and then moving on to next levels for unique planning and design initiatives using open educational resources.

The curriculum thus aimed at would reflect a mature, contextual and customised offering to achieve all the progressive educational goals and shall function in a dynamic mode for the school in response to evolving learning needs of learners. The initiative is supported by extensive research and resource development efforts to suit the institution. The initiative provides unique opportunities for school, teachers and parents to ensure optimum value for children in a collaborative approach through sustained professional development initiatives.

Teacher training and mentoring

To achieve the above, appropriate training, orientation, counseling and mentoring is required to ensure that teachers are able to adopt and adapt the best practices in their respective subjects. This empowerment requires a sustained effort from all quarters to create a strong foundation for the academic process and systems at the school, under any board. Internal capacity building as an outcome is critical for an evolving and learner friendly school that aims to stay relevant for posterity.

The robust internal professional development initiative using efficient tools and models helps to empower teachers to ensure quality and motivate others. Practice oriented programs ensure adequate domain and implementation skill development. Assessment ratings and certifications are provided at progressive stages to guide teachers for career progression through accountable performances with the help of professional development programs and implementation consulting for the DynamiX approach.

Academic process and lesson management

The approach attempts to streamline and rework practices in order to facilitate adoption of new recommendations and establish the complete cycle of operational accountability and quality. Maturity of systems and processes would hold the key to evolution, creativity and innovation. Institutions and teachers experience continuous value addition through expert inputs to navigate growth and become a centre of excellence to meet stakeholder and learner's expectations.

Continuous assessment framework

Keeping in sync with curriculum innovations, assessments need to be realigned with the custom curriculum and re-designed with internal reviews, research and structure in order to address requirements of any national/international board goals for conceptual and skill based outcomes. Planning of continuous improvement initiatives is based on the assessment framework to ensure that every child’s learning need is addressed meaningfully. Aligning with any board’s requirement is made easy and simple.

Turnkey technology options

In order to achieve the above academic and program standards as well as to achieve target learning outcomes, use of appropriate cost-effective technologies and learning solutions are reviewed and recommended for use by institutions in order that the school achieves a dynamic mode of functioning. ICT advisory and integration services are provided to support institutional use of tools like LMS, CMS, ERP, curriculum creation, cloud based assessment services, innovative responsive and remote collaborative solution platforms for efficient education, campus management and launch of customised Online Academies .

Education quality and standards

Appropriate academic leadership is facilitated on the basis of well defined goals, on a foundation of best practices, efficient tools and technologies, robust systems and processes as well as suitable people practices that are measurable and accountable. All initiatives for strategic planning, people, process, systems, technologies and results must all blend together to serve the goals and vision in a continuous cycle of improvement, achievement and growth, in a sustained manner.

DYNAMIX ONLINE ACADEMY for Professional Development, Advisory and Leadership

The best practices and proven principles have been evolved as a range of programs for all teachers to meet their goals, at their own pace and convenience from the comfort of their homes.

The programs are customised to benefit relevant learner groups of the ‘whole school community’ comprising the school, teachers, parents and children, as under:

  • Packs a lot of powerful ideas for school curriculum heads, coordinators and subject heads to design and implement a high impact curriculum.
  • Provides a world of knowledge and skills for in-service and aspiring teachers to understand and implement the approach in any progressive learning environment.
  • Impacts careers of aspiring teachers to make a brilliant start under any board.
  • Ensures that parents are abreast with innovative pedagogic approaches and models practiced at school and collaborate to ensure valuable learning inputs to support the child and create a broad foundation of concepts in all subjects and make them lifelong learners.

The collaborative self- learning programs provide globally relevant and time tested best practices in teaching and learning with real life inputs, case studies, exercises, assignments, projects, live work, online personalised mentoring and assessments to excel in teaching and learning.