This is a uniquely blended online program for in-service and aspiring teachers that focuses on developing the following capabilities in a dynamic framework:

  • Capacity for academic research and subject expertise through professional practice.
  • Capacity for creativity and innovation; particularly the collaborative acquisition of knowledge.
  • Capacity to use contemporary collaborative technologies for learning and development.
  • Capacity for social and community leadership.
  • Capacity for moral leadership to build character, confidence and human values that are relevant for future readiness.

Objectives of the STAR TEACHER program

The program aims at teachers’ pedagogic and professional excellence through the practice oriented program for development of academic leadership capabilities to:

  • Examine and evaluate various types of curriculum models that best meet learning needs.
  • Establish core values guiding curriculum implementation to equip learners.
  • Design and draft curriculum for subjects using the right perspectives, philosophy and structure.
  • Create multi-stage program plans and SOPs involving all teachers and subjects.
  • Understand and apply effective teaching and learning practices.
  • Implement and administer a range of learner friendly and appropriate assessments.
  • Evaluate, analyse and modify instructions and the delivery process through live data analysis.
  • Organise, manage and monitor curriculum implementation and outcomes.
  • Manage academic process outcomes, standards and education quality for leadership.

STAR TEACHER program module contents

1. Introduction to the Curriculum

  • Introduction to the program
  • Understanding the curriculum
  • Types of curriculum approaches
  • Designing the curriculum
  • Planning for curriculum implementation
  • Assignments and Assessment

2. Successful implementation of teaching-learning process, techniques and systems

  • Implementing the curriculum
  • Approach for professional practice of teaching and learning
  • Organising for implementation of a curriculum
  • Monitoring implementation of a curriculum
  • Assessing curriculum implementation standards
  • Teacher assessment framework
  • Assignments and Assessment

3. Measuring and managing progress through assessments, benchmarks and systems

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Key concepts
  • Fundamentals of student assessment
  • Current trends and views on assessments
  • The assessment process
  • Assignments and Assessment

4. Managing continuous improvement of self, learners and the teaching – learning process

  • Managing outcomes and standards
  • Using technology to implement assessments
  • Assignments and Assessment

5. Managing institutional standards and leadership through academic quality management

  • Education quality management system
  • Resource management
  • Educational service realisation
  • Measurement, Analysis and Improvement
  • General information on accreditation and rating
  • Assignment and Assessment

STAR TEACHER program structure

The program is applicable to all boards and moves through five core modules:

  • Module 1: Dynamic curriculum planning and design using ‘Open Educational Resources’
  • Module 2: Successful implementation of teaching and learning process, techniques and strategies
  • Module 3: Measuring and managing progress through assessments, benchmarks and systems
  • Module 4: Managing continuous improvement of self, learners and the teaching-learning process
  • Module 5: Managing institutional standards and leadership through academic quality management

Leading to dynamic teaching skills equipped with ‘Smart Teaching and Academic Research (STAR) Orientation’ and Academic Leadership.

Progam Details

  • Duration: 1 Year of online access to resources, at own convenience and pace.
  • Learning materials: Available online for 24x7 study and reference.
  • Internship and Projects: Supported through institutions or guided activity.
  • Placement Support: Assistance is provided collaboratively through recommendation letters and detailed skill or criteria based certification
  • Assignments and Assessments: Conducted online at various stages in the program.
  • Remote Mentoring: Personalised virtual online sessions are conducted for candidates.
  • Digital Certification: Certificate of Excellence in Dynamic Curriculum Management and Professional Teacher Leadership.
  • Who should do the program: Any graduate/post graduate/B.Ed/M.Ed with or without work experience can register, either through school or independently.