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    To the world of education

  • DynamiX

    A unique flexible and dynamic model of curriculum and assessment management framework and approach to keep pace with contemporary learning needs.

  • Teacher Professional Development

    Conceive and lead the change in new models of education through best practices, continuous learning and leading by example for dynamic knowledge and skills.

  • Parent Empowerment and Collaboration

    For qualified and relevant learning support to children at primary blended to any board for development of knowledge, skills and attitude for a successful future.

  • Teacher Leadership and Education Excellence

    Engage in collaborative learning management for continuous improvement and education excellence through “whole school community approach”.

Who We Are

KQM is a full service education consulting firm which offers advisory and implementation services in the area of knowledge and education management to establish quality in institutional delivery of education services covering curriculum, content, resource development, teaching-learning process, assessments, ICT integration, teacher training, mentoring, performance management and systems, in the global context.

DynamiX is a well researched, tried and tested model of curriculum and assessment management that has been successfully implemented at leading schools, impacting large numbers of students, teachers and parents since 2001.

Now, presenting the DynamiX Online Academy for educational courses, professional development and self empowerment programs to augment performance at all levels and facilitate education excellence through a powerful combination of a unique learning management system, live remote virtual classes, remote virtual personalised mentoring, online advisory and academic consulting implementation services. The DynamiX team comprises of highly experienced and qualified academicians and educationists, who are committed to your success. Read more